Red Hat
Jan 13, 2009
by David M. Lloyd
The final GA release of XNIO 1.2.0 is available for download. This release represents a "settling in" to a 16-week release cycle that should continue from now on. Here's a complete changelog since 1.1.0.GA:


  • [XNIO-56] - Xnio.create() fails for the default provider
  • [XNIO-57] - NioSocketChannelImpl suspendWrites method suspends reads instead of writes
  • [XNIO-58] - NPE bug in AllocatedMessageChannelStreamChannelHandler
  • [XNIO-60] - NIO: When pooled selectors are exhausted, an exception is thrown
  • [XNIO-65] - NioPipeTestCase.testOneWayPipeSinkClose fails under Java 5
  • [XNIO-67] - TCP tests fail under Java 5, not Java 6

Feature Request

  • [XNIO-19] - Add ability to switch a channel between blocking and non-blocking
  • [XNIO-50] - Mitigate the performance impact of Selector.wakeup()
  • [XNIO-54] - API for one-time servers
  • [XNIO-64] - IoFuture notifiers with attachments (see below)
  • [XNIO-66] - Add static blocking read/write methods to Channels


  • [XNIO-17] - Add monitoring via JMX
  • [XNIO-39] - Remove deprecated Xnio.createNio() methods
  • [XNIO-48] - Create a UNIX domain socket API
  • [XNIO-64] - IoFuture notifiers with attachments


Project page:
Bug tracker:

Just a reminder that the 1.2.0.GA release is not 100% binary- and source-compatible with 1.1.x, so if you choose to move to 1.2.0.GA, make sure you do a clean build of your project to identify any potential problems with the changes surrounding the new IoFuture attachment feature.

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