Red Hat
Jun 18, 2013
by Shane K Johnson

Red Hat recently launched the JBoss Migration Center (link ). It includes information on topics such as migration drivers, migration planning, migration tools, and successful customer migration case studies.

This post highlights one of the migration tools: Windup (link | @JBossWindup ).

Windup is a tool to simplify Java application migrations. The tool analyzes application artifacts (such as Java code, JSPs and XML) and produces an HTML report highlighting areas that require changes.


Windup was created by Red Hat Consulting. It was created by consultants working on migration projects for consultants working on migration projects . It was an internal tool that was used to estimate and communicate the amount of effort necessary to migrate an application.

It wasn’t created by product management. It wasn’t created by product marketing. However, individuals from engineering to product management to consulting worked together to open source Windup and make it available to the everyone.

Windup is extensible. The extension framework allows developers to create new rules in the form of classifications and inline hints via XML. No coding required. While Red Hat consultants created the initial rules, we encourage partners and developers to contribute new rules.

The code is hosted on GitHub. The documentation is thorough.

The project site includes videos and a sample report.

Windup in Action


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