Red Hat
Jan 14, 2015
by Thomas Qvarnström

If you don’t know what Docker is, please read this article from before reading the rest.

Docker as technology has a number of benefits, such as high density, isolation, easy of deployment etc, but the thing that I love about Docker is the impact it is having on IT industry. In my view Docker will enable the IT industry to adopt to DevOps and Microservices not by being a tool, but rather being a technology that fundamentally changes how we manage IT services.

The picture above illustrates the core difference between traditional and container based (e.g. Docker) deployment. 

In traditional deployment applications has dependent libraries and configuration causing a tight couple between the host operating system and the application.

In container deployment the unit of deployment is an isolated container that carries all the dependencies and configuration needed with it. 

The practical difference is that we can now life-cycle manage everything isolated. If one application needs a new version of a JVM or PHP library they can safely upgrade without affecting other containerized applications. This enforces the organization to embrace DevOps culture and processes.

Docker also enables us to create small independent deployments, which is the foundation of Microservices architecture. This does however add another dimension to the problem, where we have to manage service dependencies. I’ll talk more about Microservers and how to manage remote dependencies in later blogs. 

So to summon up, why I love Docker is not only that it’s easy to use, gives me high density and isolation, the main reason to me is that it’s going to change how we operate and manage applications. 

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