Red Hat
Feb 14, 2019
by Harald Pehl
HAL 3.1.2 is released and packaged as part of Wildfly 16 (which is in Candidate Release as of now and soon will release a Final). HAL 3.1.2 brings many new features, bug fixes and enhancements, checkout the release notes since HAL 3.0.6, which is the version packaged in Wildfly 14 and 15. The new and noteworthy features are: Support socket log handler Show logs from logging-profile in log viewer Display microprofile health checks Expose CA management operations for key-store and certificate-authority-account Enhance the SSL Wizard to add support to LetsEncrypt CA Support runtime operations for messaging servers Add support to remote ActiveMQ server Display the the network open ports Show active management operation from hosts and servers in a central place Show unresponsive controller better Basic support to MicroProfile Metrics and Config If you find any problem, bug or have a suggestion on how to improve HAL, please open an issue or contact us.
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