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Sep 16, 2016
by The Entire TorqueBox Team

TorqueBox 3.2.0 is out and updates the bundled JRuby from the 1.7 series to along with a few other minor fixes.

What is TorqueBox?

TorqueBox is a Ruby application server built on JBoss AS7 and JRuby. It supports Rack-based web frameworks and provides simple Ruby interfaces to standard enterprisey services, including scheduled jobs, caching, messaging, and services.

Upgrading from 3.1.2

The biggest change is our bundled JRuby version is now instead of 1.7. This means applications will run under Ruby 2.3 compatibility instead of 1.8, 1.9, or 2.0. Any Ruby version settings in your TorqueBox configs will be ignored since they no longer apply.

Don't be a stranger!

As always, if you have any questions about or issues with TorqueBox, please get in touch.

Issues resolved since 3.1.2

  • [TORQUE-1254] - run torquebox failed for first steps example
  • [TORQUE-1259] - Release a new Torquebox 3.X version with jruby 9
  • [TORQUE-1261] - Torquebox fails to load rails app depending on bundler config
  • [#228] - Add support for sprocket manifest dotfiles for TorqueBox 3.x
  • [#233] - Torquebox 3.1.2 - Load error on VariableStack Java class
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