Red Hat
Jun 25, 2015
by bryanche

Open Source Innovation

I’ve been at Red Hat for over 13 years now, and in that time, open source has gone from a cheaper alternative to existing, proprietary software to becoming the primary source of innovation that is driving the industry forward.  Across technologies like cloud, big data, or mobile, open source is leading the way and creating new categories of functionality.  Consider containers, today’s technology de rigueur.  Even Microsoft is following open source’s lead and copying technologies like Red Hat Enterprise Linux to add support for containers and Docker into a future release of Windows.


Just as open source has been driving innovation itself by delivering better software faster, it has also spawned new movements and practices for how to create software.  Perhaps the best example of this right now is DevOps.

DevOps aims to deliver software with increased speed and higher reliability, and it builds upon the foundations of open source culture, open source practices, and open source technologies to do this.  This, then is the 1st tenet of DevOps: Innovate at the speed of open source with DevOps.

DevOps at the Red Hat Summit

The Red Hat Summit and DevNation are taking place in Boston this week, and we are featuring DevOps heavily there, including with a DevOps path in the overall agenda.  I have published a post on Red Hat’s main site exploring how many of our new announcements come together to help enterprises adopt DevOps and innovate at the speed of open source:

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