Red Hat
Aug 20, 2014
by Ramesh
Introducing Teiid market place git repository, where you are free to share your project with all the Teiid community of users. (maybe sell?) Checkout

If you are a Teiid user, maybe you have written a translator to a source that Teiid does not offer, or maybe you gave a presentation you want to share, a slide-deck, a video or you wrote a cool utility over Teiid. Whatever it may be, now you can share with rest of the Teiid community at one market place.

Over the time, if a certain project is popular and licensing terms are acceptable by the Teiid project, then we can accept it as contribution to be maintained as a main Teiid project on a case by case basis. Or you can think of this as incubator space. When you contribute, I will make you the owner of that repository for any management purposes.

The only restriction is this needs to be a Teiid-specific project to be acceptable. I am not putting any license restrictions on what it needs to be; it can be of any license of your choosing (unless I am told otherwise). The acceptance of your project does NOT mean it is automatically promoted by Teiid developers; it is only an acknowledgement that it is a Teiid-specific project. Use these projects at your own RISK, as they have not been validated by Teiid project members unless they were written by members of the Teiid project.

I intend to provide a web page on to link this repo's contents with descriptions soon. I can use some help here :)  So, if you have any Teiid utilities/projects to share, let me know.

I am still planning out what this needs to be, so if you have suggestions please let me know.


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