Red Hat
Jun 29, 2016
by Steven Hawkins
Teiid 9.1 Alpha1 has been posted.  This is expected to be a typical 3 month feature release cycle with pre-releases about every two weeks.  So far in Alpha1 you'll find:
  • TEIID-4243 BatchUpdateException support in JDBC to indicate what part of batch succeeds when a failure occurs.
  • TEIID-4191 NO QUOTE option for TEXTAGG.
  • TEIID-4200 Moved to WildFly 10 as host environment
WildFly Upgrade

We chose to stick with the Teiid 9.x release series even with the platform update since we not introducing Teiid centric feature changes and this by itself will not be a breaking change for most.  However the WildFly 10 upgrade does mean that JRE 1.8+ is required for both the server and embedded.  Teiid 9.0 will be supported for an extended period to provide a JRE 1.7 compatible platform.  Other know issues:

TEIID-4306: xa datasource create cli not work
TEIID-3834: start/stop of a data source or resource adapter requires a restart (somewhat worse behavior than WildFly 9 from our perspective)

Teiid Designer

A Teiid Designer release should be available shortly that is compatible with WildFly 9 and Teiid 8.13.x with partial support for Teiid 9.0.x.  A Teiid Designer release compatible with WildFly 10 is TDB.  The tooling team has several irons including refinements to the OpenShift web UI and the Komodo project - so anyone with an interest in tooling work should contact their community.

Coming Soon to 9.1

TEIID-3617: Provide an option to Limit per user based connections
TEIID-3754: OData V2 service removal
TEIID-4000: Data Expand support
And much more...


9.0.1 is due out later this week, and as mentioned above we'll keep supporting 9.0.x for an extended period.


8.13.6 is due out next week.  At this point only critical/blocker fixes will make it into 8.13.x.

As always thanks for all the community support,

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