Red Hat
Jul 17, 2016
by Steven Hawkins
The 9.0.2 fix release is now available.  This addresses 10 issues since 9.0.1:
  • [TEIID-4304] - Correct handling with subquery in on clause
  • [TEIID-4311] - Teiid Admin Api not support to create XA datasource on Jboss server.
  • [TEIID-4321] - VDB Validation is showing warnings, but failing deployment
  • [TEIID-4324] - TEIID30019 Unexpected exception for request ... java.lang.AssertionError: Batch not found in storage
  • [TEIID-4325] - ASSERTION FAILED: expected reference to be not null
  • [TEIID-4335] - No buffer when close is called
  • [TEIID-4338] - Hana and Vertica should be marked as requiring a source
  • [TEIID-4339] - Hot Rod ExecutionFactory name misspelled
  • [TEIID-4342] - loadMatView afterLoadScript error when calling a function
  • [TEIID-4336] - Errors in logs during server shutdown
A special thanks to Bram Gadeyne for identifying TEIID-4324 and to Mark Tawk for highlighting TEIID-4325 and TEIID-4342.

 Next up will be the 9.1 Alpha2 release by the end of the week.
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