Red Hat
Oct 14, 2014
by Steven Hawkins
After a small delay Teiid 8.9 CR1 has been posted to the maven repository and the downloads:

A recap of the feature highlights so far with Teiid 8.9:
  • TEIID-3009 WITH project minimization - common table expressions will have their project columns minimized.
  • TEIID-3038 geoSpatial support for MongoDB translator
  • TEIID-3050 Increased Insert Performance with sources that support batching or insert with iterator.
  • TEIID-3044 Function Metadata is available through system tables and DatabaseMetaData.
  • TEIID-1910 TeiidPlatform for EclipseLink integration is now provided via the teiid-eclipselink-platform jar in maven.
  • TEIID-3119 Performance improvements in grouping and duplicate removal as well as general improvements to memory management.
  • TEIID-3156 Collation aware prevention of order by pushdown via the collationLocale translator property and the org.teiid.requireTeiidCollation system property.
In addition Ramesh has been hard at work getting in the initial commit of an OData 4 compliant layer utilizing the not yet fully released Olingo 4.  Ramesh has worked several issue for Olingo and may end up being a committer on the project - so congrats and let's hope for more cross project synergy with them as we move forward.

Expect another blog posting and more documentation around the new OData layer in the near future.

We are closing in on 100 issues addressed for this release - and should have time to address anything of importance you can find in the 10 days or so.  More than likely there will be a CR, so the final should be just in time for Halloween.

Steve / The Teiid Team
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