Red Hat
Sep 17, 2015
by Steven Hawkins
There is still more Olingo work and quite a few issues to go through for 8.12, so we decided it was best to release a Beta3 rather than CR1 at this point.  Beta3 can be found in maven and on the downloads page.

The feature highlight since Beta2 include:
  • TEIID-3546 IS DISTINCT FROM syntax support added for use in procedures.
  • TEIID-3521 Swagger Support for auto-generated REST web services
  • TEIID-3652 Additional OUTER JOIN planning to allow more flexibility in join ordering
  • TEIID-3668/TEIID-3618 OAuth Support with JWT Bearer Access Token and Salesforce SSO using OAuth2 (RefreshToken, JWT)
TEIID-3652 was only in a preliminary state in Beta2, but should be complete now.  And once again a CR1 will follow shortly.

Thanks again for all the community support,
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