Red Hat
Nov 2, 2017
by Steven Hawkins
After 5 months of work we are pleased to announce the release of Teiid 10.0.0.Final.  This is longer than a typical cycle, but it should be worth the wait as we were able to pick up WildFly 11.0 and address 165 issues.  The major feature highlight are:
  • TEIID-4981 Amazon S3 translator support, now read the objects directly from Amazon S3 with security
  • TEIID-5026 The behavior of the FROM_UNIXTIME function was corrected and the related datetime functions UNIX_TIMESTAMP, TO_MILLIS, and FROM_MILLIS were added.
  • TEIID-1131 Added support for importing sequence information.
  • TEIID-5073 Added a salesforce-41 translator/resource adapter pair, which defaults to accessing the v40 salesforce API.
  • TEIID-4208 Added parallelism to plan execution involving large sorts.
  • TEIID-5002 Upgraded to WildFly 11
  • TEIID-4711 Generalized IS DISTINCT support.
Other Important Stuff:
  • Take note of major changes in the release in particular the removal of XML document models and switching the artifact group from org.jboss.teiid to org.teiid.
  • Teiid Spring Boot was launched make getting starting with Teiid and Spring seamless - thank you Ganesh Pol and Christian Posta for early testing
  • With TEIID-4208 and other performance enhancements you should expect to see a performance boost especially for higher data volume / lower query volume workloads.
  • Couchbase access is now quite robust
  • OsiSoft Pi access has gone under more review and will be continue to be refined in 10.1
Special thanks to the many community members who contributed to this release.  In particular dalex dalex and Mike Higgins who identified several important issues.

On the horizon:
  • Teiid 9.2.7 will be the last community release on 9.2.x and is expected tomorrow.  Teiid 9.3.x will receive "extended" community support until the release of 10.2 as to ease any transition issues.
  • Teiid WildFly Swarm will be updated in the near future.  Initially this may be against the 9.3.x release stream as Swarm is not yet on WildFly 11.
Thank you,
The Teiid Team
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