Red Hat
Jul 4, 2017
by Steven Hawkins
Teiid 10.0.0 Alpha1 has been released.  Feature work is still ongoing. We're active in Spring Boot support, an OrientDB translator, and re-licensing - as of this release the main project and documentation are under ASL2 license instead of the LGPL.

Other News:
  • Couchbase testing has revealed a host of issues with this new translator.  We'll address these in both 9.3.x and 10.0.
  • Teiid 9.3.1 will be available in the next week.
  • Please have a look at the Red Hat effort around Spark in OpenShift -  As our OpenShift support evolves you will be able to rapidly integrate Teiid with elastic analytical workloads in Spark.

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