Red Hat
Oct 22, 2014
by Ramesh
With the latest upcoming release of Teiid 8.9, user can achieve single sign-on (SSO) in accessing any REST or SOAP based web services that are secured through kerberos.

In the previous installment, I have shown few articles on how to do Kerberos authentication through Teiid/JBoss EAP in consuming a REST web service.

In this blog I will showcase few more articles that are designed around SOAP web services. Mostly these articles are written tutorial fashion such that one can easily follow and create and as well as consume the web services in JBoss EAP and Teiid.

1) How to implement a SOAP Web Service with Kerberos authentication in JBoss EAP

2) How to implement Kerberos authentication to a SOAP Web Service using Teiid

In article (1) shows how to create sample SOAP web-service that can be secured through Kerberos

In article (2) shows how to consume web-service in Teiid that is secured through Kerberos

In article (3) show a SSO scenario, where Teiid is secured through Kerberos, and how the authenticated token can be used  to access a same web service that is secured also through Kerberos.

Next step we want to provide consuming services that are secured through SAML & OAuth. If you are familiar with implementation of these technologies in CXF and can help implement a solution, please let us know.


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