Red Hat
Oct 8, 2015
by Michal Petrov

RichFaces 4.5.10.Final is available for download.


The bulk of the updates in this release concerns the online Showcase. But we've also updated built-in filtering in dataTables - they can now be filtered by pressing Enter. We've also fixed JSF detection on WebSphere.


Release Notes


  • [RF-11053] -         Showcase: layout broken in data grid sample
  • [RF-11558] -         showcase - rich:notify - sample Attributes of Notify - in some configuration it is not possible to close notification
  • [RF-12174] -         Showcase: pages with textarea might overflow
  • [RF-12558] -         showcase - rich:panelMenu - repeatedly selecting of item from menu does not update outputPanel
  • [RF-12658] -         NotifyStack generates invalid JS
  • [RF-12923] -         rich:notifyMessage, notifyMessages: some attributes are not applied to created message component
  • [RF-14130] -         Exception when skin properties replaced
  • [RF-14143] -         Richfaces 4.5.8 Fileupload not working on WF 8.2 and Apache Cluster (with SSON)
  • [RF-14144] -         ScrollerPage calls getRowCount() on Tree model if one the same view.
  • [RF-14147] -         Resource-Optimizer skips ckeditor.js
  • [RF-14148] -         JSF implementation detection within ResourceTrackerImpl is insufficient for classpaths with multiple implementations


        Component  Upgrade

  • [RF-14149] -         Upgrade third-party libraries



  • [RF-11212] -         showcase - rich:popupPanel - Login panel positioning sample - should use <h:inputSecret> for password inputs
  • [RF-11636] -         showcase - a4j:region - alter the example layout to look better
  • [RF-13050] -         Showcase - not all demos have references for beans which are used in them
  • [RF-14156] -         contextMenu with dynamic group doesn't work properly


        Feature Request

  • [RF-11213] -         showcase - rich:calendar - Simple calendar sample -  should change text value of buttons 'today' and 'clean' when changing locale
  • [RF-11324] -         Link Showcase to Tag Reference and possibly component docs
  • [RF-14150] -         rich:dataTable - trigger built-in filtering on RETURN



  • [RF-14140] -         Stabilize integration tests on Tomcat
  • [RF-14145] -         Clean up showcase
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