Red Hat
Oct 16, 2008
by Heiko W. Rupp
You have heard about JBoss Operations Network 2 ?
Then you probably also know that RHQ is its upstream project (like in the Fedora / Red Hat Enterprise Linux case).


If you had a look at JBoss ON 2 , you have surely also seen that RHQ does not have all the features, JBoss ON 2 has (namely monitoring and management of JBossAS was missing).

This hole has now been closed by Jopr . Jopr closes the gap between RHQ and JBoss ON 2, builts on RHQ as its infrastructure framework and serves as open source upstream for JBoss ON 2

You can find it at .

Forums are also available for Jopr

Embedded Jopr

Next to Jopr we have another thing coming for you: Embedded Jopr . This is a new management console for JBossAS instances that shares parts of the underlying infrastructure and plugins with RHQ and Jopr. You can deploy and use it on JBoss AS 4.2.x, as described on the install page .

Embedded Jopr has its home page at .

Forums for Embedded Jopr also live on

Join us ...

The Jopr team has registered #jopr on, so come an join us there (as well as on #rhq on the same server network).
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