Red Hat
Feb 11, 2019
by Tihomir Surdilovic
Just wanted to do a quick post to show off a new feature added to the jBPM Visual Studio Code extension version 0.8.0. We added a "Process Quick View" feature which you can access via the file context menu (right-clicking on a .bpmn or .bpmn2 file in your project):

Process Quick View - Select 

Selecting this will open a new editor window in your VSC editor with a static (non editable) preview of your business process:

Process Quick View - Display

On the top-right corner you can see the "Save Process SVG" button which you can click to create a new file (or update existing) that contains your process SVG content. The file name generates has the correct naming to be used by the jBPM execution server so it can display it when process definitions image is requested.

We are working on adding process editing features to the extension. This should be part of the next version update. If you are familiar with the Camunda bpmn-io editor and would like to help please leave a comment as we are looking for help :)

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