Red Hat
Feb 24, 2009
by Manik Surtani
Based on the CR I released 2 weeks back, I have just released 3.0.3.GA. I recommend that everyone who is on JBoss Cache 2.x and 3.x move to this release, it is the fastest, most stable release to date. This incremental release on 3.x contains the following bugfixes and feature requests:
  • [ JBCACHE-1470 ] Option to disable cache event generation for a cache operation.
  • [ JBCACHE-1468 ] JBoss Cache ignores transactions with STATUS_MARKED_ROLLBACK and auto commits data changes
  • [ JBCACHE-1469 ] DummyBaseTransactionManager behaves incorrectly with Status.STATUS_MARKED_ROLLBACK
  • [ JBCACHE-1473 ] Memory leak: Cache Regions lose capacity, evictCommand.perform() causes dead entries in EvictionQueue
  • [ JBCACHE-1474 ] Removing nonexistent key in UnversionedNode causes data loss
  • [ JBCACHE-1477 ] Bug in JDBC cache loader SQL on Informix
  • [ JBCACHE-1478 ] Handle querying node count in an unstarted DataContainer
  • [ JBCACHE-1479 ] Loads nodes from cache loader too aggresively
  • [ JBCACHE-1480 ] getChildrenNames() returns deleted nodes
  • [ JBCACHE-1481 ] Re-adding a node deleted via parent inside transaction breaks the parent
  • [ JBCACHE-1471 ] Slow cache.get for fqn with a large number of key/value entries.
Thanks to Krzysztof Sobolewski, Roberto Tyley, Eduardo Martins, Galder ZamarreƱo and Alex Kluge for useful bug reports, tests and patches.

Downloads and documentation are in the usual place, please use the user forums to discuss this release.

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