Red Hat
Sep 1, 2011
by Manik Surtani
I never got around to blogging about this when my talks were accepted for JavaOne this year, but it's about time.

I have a conference session titled "A Tale About Caching (JSR 107) and Data Grids (JSR 347) in Enterprise Java " and a BoF session focused on JSR 347 titled "Making Java EE Cloud-Friendly: JSR 347, Data Grids for the Java Platform ", which I will be delivering with fellow Infinispan developer, JBoss rockstar and overall nice guy Pete Muir .

Later on in the year, I will also be running a University talk at Devoxx in Antwerp, titled "A real-world deep-dive into Infinispan ".  This too will be with Pete and Mircea Markus , another core Infinispan developer.

This will be a great chance to learn more about Infinispan, data grids, JSR 107 and JSR 347, so if you are attending these conferences, make sure you add these talks to your agenda!  :-)

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