Red Hat
Oct 12, 2012
by Shane K Johnson

In this post, I will provide two data grid use cases based on case studies submitted by reference customers.

Use Case #1

A collective consciousness or intelligence with members linked by a subspace network.

Reference Customer – The Borg
Case Study – The Hive Mind

We integrated a data grid a) because of our requirement for asynchronous communication, b) to support partition tolerance, and c) to support both horizontal and vertical scaling. Because our cubes communicate across light years over a subspace network, it is imperative that the transport implementation can be configured for asynchronous communication to guarantee their availability. However, it is critical that our cubes remain operational in the event that subspace communication is interrupted. While we scale out across thousands of cubes, we do not use commodity hardware. We scale up as well. The dimensions of a cube are measured in kilometers, and the number of drones on board is measured in the hundreds of thousands.

- The Borg Queen

Use Case #2

A neural net processor; a learning computer.

Reference Customer – Skynet
Case Study – Judgement Day

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