Red Hat
Apr 13, 2012
by Manik Surtani
To many who are familiar with Red Hat 's model of unsupported upstream projects with supported, heavily tested and certified controlled-release "products", the announcement of the JBoss Data Grid (JDG) will come as no surprise.  JDG is to Infinispan what Red Hat Enterprise Linux is to Fedora , or what JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) is to JBoss AS .  Folks considering deploying Infinispan in a mission-critical production environment should consider JDG instead, not only to gain the benefits of a more thorough quality control and certification process but also to allow Red Hat to provide development and production support and consultancy.

JDG was announced at Red Hat Summit/JBoss World last year, and I blogged about it here, and now JDG has reached a stage where it is available as a public beta with a GA release coming soon.  If you are interested in JDG, or supportable Infinispan, I encourage you to register your interest in the JDG Beta .


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