Red Hat
Feb 17, 2012
by (Dimitris Andreadis)
Great news for the Java EE Community and the fantastic JBoss AS/EAP development team, who can at last get some sleep(!): JBoss AS 7.1 was released!

The code name of the release is Thunder, emphasizing one of the main characteristics of the JBoss AS7 personality: speed! The server boots in just 2.2secs in the default profile on my humble laptop with two thirds of the services actually started, not just lazily loaded! I am soon expecting another round of people experimenting with the start-up parameters to achieve sub-second start-up times!

The number of JIRAs resolved in the 7.1 series in total (from the Alpha version down to Final) since 7.0.2 was released last September, reached the record number of 1465 issues, so you can imagine how big is the delta between the two releases and how productive the development team has been.

Jason has summed up pretty nicely what's new with JBoss AS 7.1 in the release notes which is a must read.

However, the big news with this release is the achievement of Java EE6 Full Profile certification. It took us a while to get there, mostly because the architecture of JBoss AS was essentially redesigned in order to address the pain points of the previous iteration and accommodate an ever increasing set of requirements.

But we are confident that the end result is pleasing for developers and administrators alike. JBoss AS7.1 is smaller, faster and more manageable than any previous JBoss AS release and really pushes the envelope in terms of Application Server technology.

In other words JBoss AS got its Mojo back. It is fully functional and sexy!

Give it a spin and let us know.


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