Red Hat
Jun 19, 2017
by Tristan Tarrant
Dear Infinispan Community,

the Infinispan 9.1.0.Beta1 is out and can be found on our downloads page.

Full details of the new features and enhancements included in this release can be found here.

Short list of highlights:
  • [ISPN-7114] Consistency Checker, Conflict Resolution and Automatic merge policies
  • [ISPN-5218] Batching for CacheStores
  • [ISPN-7896] On-demand data conversion in caches
  • [ISPN-6676] HTTP/2 suport in the REST endpoint with TLS/ALPN upgrade
  • [ISPN-7841] Add stream operations that can operate upon data exclusively
  • [ISPN-7868] Add encryption and authentication support to the Remote Store
  • [ISPN-7772] Hot Rod Client create/remove cache operations
  • [ISPN-6994] Add an AdvancedCache.withSubject(Subject) method for explicit impersonation
  • [ISPN-7803] Functional commands-based AtomicMaps
  • The usual slew of bug fixes, clean ups and general improvements.
As usual, we will be blogging about each feature and improvement.

Always consult the Upgrading guide to see what has changed. thank you for following us and stay tuned! The Infinispan Team
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