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Oct 14, 2015
by Eric D. Schabell
The release of the latest JBoss Developer Studio (JBDS) brings with it the questions around how to get started with the various JBoss Integration and BPM product tool sets that are not installed out of the box.

In this series of articles we will outline for you how to install each set of tools and explain which products they are supporting.

This should help you in making an informed decision about what tooling you might want to install before embarking on your next JBoss integration project.

There are five different software packs that offer tooling for various JBoss integration products:
  1. JBoss SOA 5.x Development
  2. JBoss Business Process and Rules Development
  3. JBoss Fuse Development
  4. JBoss Data Virtualization Development
  5. JBoss Integration and SOA Development
JBoss SOA tools available.
This article will outline how to get started with the JBoss Data SOA 5.x tooling and JBDS 9.


JBDS 9 can be obtained through the Customer Portal or via the early access downloads on After installing JBDS, start it up and you will see a welcoming JBoss Central tab with at the bottom a tab to look at the available tool sets labeled Software/Update

You will notice that there are no other JBoss Integration stacks offered to install upon first inspection. This is due to, at the time of this writing, the other integration stacks being early access.

Other stacks are available as early access at this time.
Eventually they will be shown by default once testing finished and they release, but for now you can obtain them by checking the Early Access box in the bottom right corner. 

This will reveal the integration stack tooling offerings and we will select JBoss SOA 5.x Development.

Click on the Install/Update button to start the installation and restart at the end to complete the process.

If you are interested in what is being installed, it can be examined by digging into the menu as follows:
JBoss SOA 5.x details.
  • Help -> Install new software... 
    • pull down the menu offered by Work with:
    • select JBoss Developer Studio 9.x - development updates site
    • everything under JBoss SOA 5.x Development will be installed
Stay tuned for more articles in this series that will detail the installation of the remaining JBoss Integration Stack tools.

Other options

Looking to Automate your business?
In the past we have outlined the use of JBoss BPM and rules tooling for other versions of JBDS:

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