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Nov 20, 2017
by Vlad Mihalcea

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Sanne Grinovero, the Hibernate Search project team leader, gave a very good presentation at Devoxx Belgium about the latest additions to Hibernate ORM 5, Hibernate Search, and Hibernate Spatial projects.


SAP Hana has put some effort into improving the associated Hibernate dialect. For more details about how you can integrate SAP HANA with Hibernate, check out this tutorial as well.

Eugen Paraschiv, from Baeldung, wrote two articles about Hibernate:

I wrote three article about JPA and Hibernate:

A very nice feature supported by Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MySQL in different forms is called UPSERT or MERGE, and it allows you to either issue an UPDATE or simply return without issuing an error when the record that would be otherwise added by an INSERT statement is already found in the database table in question. For more details about this very useful SQL feature, check out this article.

This article offers you a short introduction to the OPTIMISTIC_FORCE_INCREMENT JPA LockModeType. Thanks to this JPA explicit optimistic locking feature, you can easily increment the version of a root entity across an entire graph of entities, even when child and grandchild entities get inserted, updated or deleted.

Time to upgrade

Hibernate Validator 6.0.5 has been released. Grab it while it’s hot!

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