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Jun 18, 2017
by Vlad Mihalcea

Welcome to the Hibernate community newsletter in which we share blog posts, forum, and StackOverflow questions that are especially relevant to our users.


Don’t miss the Virtual JUG presentation about High-Performance Java Persistence and Hibernate. If you are using a relational database, then you should definitely attend this session, and, the best thing about it, you can watch it in the comfort of your home.


The pick of this edition is this article by Arnold Galovics which reiterates the benefits of using projections when fetching data.

JPA inheritance is a very useful addition to the standard. However, sometimes entity inheritance is not very well understood or applied, so, in this series of articles, I tried to offer a different perspective to why we need entity inheritance in the first place, and what is the best way to do it:

Time to upgrade

Hibernate Search has managed to release three final versions:

  • 5.5.7.Final

  • 5.6.2.Final

  • 5.7.1.Final

as well as a 5.8.0.Beta3 release.

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