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Apr 16, 2015
by Forge Team

Forge 2.16.0.Final (Spear) is here!

The Forge Team is proud to announce the immediate availability of JBoss Forge 2.16.0.Final.

Head to the Downloads page and grab it now!

What’s new and noteworthy?

  • Addon installation performance enhancement: We tuned the addon resolution installation algorithm . Now addons depending on transitive addons should be installed faster than our previous versions.

  • Addon Update command: You can update specific addons by invoking the addon-update command

  • Home and End buttons now work in Shell: You can now use the Home and End buttons to navigate to the beginning and the end of the command line thanks to Stale Pedersen and his Aesh update.

  • Component Upgrades: We’ve upgraded Furnace, Roaster and Aesh. Check the release notes below.

And some bug fixes, just in time for JBoss Tools 4.3.0.Alpha2.


Many thanks to Matej Briškár who helped to make this release better than ever

Release Notes - Forge - Version 2.16.0.Final


  • [FORGE-2298] - AddonGitBuildAndInstallCommand does not use the Forge version
  • [FORGE-2299] - No such child when doing a --targetClass
  • [FORGE-2300] - When using "JPA: New Entity" it's not possible to choose a package, it's always "model"
  • [FORGE-2302] - Cat -c always chops the last line

Component Upgrade

Feature Request

  • [FORGE-1610] - Introduce an Update addon
  • [FORGE-2268] - allow wizards in the CLI to let the user configure non-required inputs
  • [FORGE-2296] - Forge - Shell in CLI interactive mode, show * for required option and ? for optional
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