Red Hat
Jun 16, 2013
by Forge Team

JBoss Forge 1.3.1.Final is now available for download! Check out the release notes below and see why Forge IS the best JavaEE development tool. Period.

Release Notes


  • [FORGE-907] – Project finalName is expected in a Maven project during scaffold setup
  • [FORGE-915] – Faces scaffold should use the server timezone instead of UTC for date and time fields
  • [FORGE-917] – Faces scaffolding omits fields in the create/edit/search views when they do not have setter methods


  • [FORGE-929] – Validate when a facet is injecting a Project
  • [FORGE-931] – rest endpoint-from-entity adds unnecessary imports to generated rest resources
  • [FORGE-943] – When Forge encounter a maven project try to display some info of the project befure user start execute command

Feature Request

  • [FORGE-811] – MavenPlugin: Add maven plugin
  • [FORGE-848] – Forge should support a @CommandScoped annotation
  • [FORGE-953] – validation setup should default to JAVA_EE, not hibernate


  • [FORGE-340] – Change default plugin checkout location to use the .forge/plugins-sources directory
  • [FORGE-583] – Include Forge JavaDoc in Distribution download.

Grab it while is hot and amaze everyone with this new version!

Happy Forging and we welcome your feedback!

-The Forge Team

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