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May 1, 2012
by Emmanuel Bernard

One of the good thing about open companies is that your manager knows what you do through your blog and commit history. Which made me think that I have not explained what I have been busy with in a long time :D

In the past few weeks a bunch of rallies have happened all over France. No, it's not because of the elections. It's because developers see the benefit of dev conferences.

Devoxx France

Devoxx France is self defined as 25% English, 75% French and no bullshit. I was lucky enough to talk about a few of the subjects that keep me busy these days:

For a premiere, it was damn well executed: 1200 Java enthusiasts at the center of Paris. Congratulation to the team. Well except for the choice of carpet, what have you been smoking? :)


I also went to Lyon to the Mix-IT conference. What was interesting here was the mix of Java and Agile content. I did a new talk on Hibernate Search, spending a lot of time in demo and live coding mode building a search engine and in particular adding faceting.

Interview on OTN

I also got interviewed at Devoxx France for the Oracle Technology Network. I brushed over JPA 2.1, Bean Validation 1.1, JSR openness and JPA for NoSQL. It's in English and it's around 10 mins. Check it out.

More French conferences

If you are in France, you must go to one of the many conferences organized around you. They grow like mushrooms. Besides Devoxx France and Mix-IT, here are a few more you will be interested in:

Are you a sales person? Always on the road?

No, I try and work in between conferences but I must admit that has been tough recently. I forced myself to slow down and get back to code. Many good things are coming up in Hibernate OGM and Hibernate Search. Stay tuned.

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