Red Hat
Nov 24, 2014
by (Dimitris Andreadis)
You have probably noticed how busy we are at the WildFly / JBoss EAP team churning out releases, we barely find the time to write a quick blog entry and brag about it, so here it goes: the slides from the WildFly BOF at Devoxx 2014. Our regular (5th year in a row) rendezvous with the WildFly/JBoss community.

Nine months have passed since WildFly 8.0 Final was released and it has proved itself as a reliable and performant certified Java EE7 implementation. I have had the opportunity to discuss about WildFly with many people during the conference and I was very pleased to listen to almost *zero* griping about problems and issues. It just works well for most of you and I've heard about many successful migration stories from previous JBoss version and other competing platforms.

The 3 technical things people asked for were:

  1. Multitenancy, or at least access to the multitenancy feature of Hibernate.
  2. Some tooling to let you shrink an installation to whatever your application requires.
  3. A simplified and more traditional style (treeview) graphical console.
 So really, not much :)

Even better, just one week after the BOF and the WildFly team delivered on its promise, so WildFly 8.2 Final was released, with lots of fixes and smaller enhancements, as well as support for the latest CDI 1.2 and WebSockets 1.1 standards. It's a pretty solid release so give it try, download it or install it as an update to a WildFly 8.1 installation, or simply spin a WildFly 8.2 server in the OpenShift Cloud.

This release marks more or less the end of the WildFly 8.x series. A big thanks to the many heroes out there that contributed to the release in any shape and form (ideas, code, documentation, patches, bug reports, forum postings, articles, etc.)

Our team will move on to completing WildFly 9, the first Alpha version of which you can already download and play with.


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