Red Hat
Jun 20, 2017
by Galder ZamarreƱo
Exactly one week ago I was presenting a talk on big data in action with Infinispan and two days later the video has already been uploaded!! Fastest ever conference video release I've seen! Kudos to Berlin Buzzwords

The slides for the talk can be found here, and the video is here:

Berlin Buzzwords was a very interesting conference. Similar to J On The Beach, it's a conference focused on data related technologies, but Berlin Buzzwords had a more Apache focus. So, you had many talks on Solr, Lucene, Spark, Flink, Kafka, Beam...etc, as well as Apache spinoffs such as ElasticSearch.

The conference was very well organised and the talks were good, although I did miss some demos in the talks I attended. Having been presenting Infinispan for over 8 years, I am fully aware that coming up with data related demos is not an easy task. However, with some many open data streams available these days, there has never been a bigger opportunity to put some of that data to work in a live demo and demonstrate why your tech is so awesome.

From an Infinispan perspective, it was fascinating talking to Flink, Beam...etc developers and learn how Infinispan could be integrated with these projects. We already have Hadoop and Spark integrations, but we're not standing still and we will continue to integrate with other popular data processing technologies.

On a personal level, it was awesome to meet William Benton once again and we had some very interesting discussions about Radanalytics, a project that helps you build data-driven applications on top of OpenShift. I also had some interesting chats with fellow Basel residents working for Baloise insurance group and the University of Basel.


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