Red Hat
Jun 19, 2013
by Christian Sadilek

If you've been watching our Twitter feed over the past two weeks, you'll notice there have been three different releases. So, what's going on?

2.3.2.Final is a narrowly targeted release that fixes a few bugs, one of which was critical and a regression in 2.3.1.Final. If you're already in production on Errai 2.3 or earlier, we recommend you update to this version of Errai as soon as possible.

2.4.0.Beta1 includes many of the new features and improvements that we originally planned to debut in Errai 3.0. Here's a quick summary.
  • Improved two-way data binding module (new declarative binding API, list bindings, support for binding a model property to multiple fields)
  • Improved page navigation module (directly use anchors in your templates for page transitions)
  • Errai Mobile: The new Cordova module provides access to native hardware. Simply @Inject a Camera object or any other supported hardware component into your client-side classes! We also provide a Maven plugin to simplify building Errai Apps for mobile devices.
  • Errai JPA/DataSync: This new module provides automatic support for keeping entities persisted in the browser's offline storage in sync with the server!
It also has a lot of API refinements and non-critical bug fixes as compared to the 2.3.x releases. If you are in development on Errai 2.3.x, we recommend that you switch to this release now with the plan to go into production on 2.4.0.Final. We will provide more details and documentation on all of these new features in the next couple of weeks. WAT? We're trying milestone releases for 3.0, and this is the first. The crazy numbering scheme is official JBoss Community policy :-). This first milestone contains everything that's in 2.4.0.Beta1 as well as the new Errai OT/EC and Security modules.

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