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Jun 12, 2013
by The Entire TorqueBox Team

While we've been working hard to get the first TorqueBox 3 release out the door, a couple of important bugs were discovered in our Rails page cache implementation that warranted a new TorqueBox 2.3 release. So, we give you TorqueBox 2.3.2!

What is TorqueBox?

TorqueBox is a Ruby application server built on JBoss AS7 and JRuby. In addition to being one of the fastest Ruby servers around, it supports Rack-based web frameworks, and provides simple Ruby interfaces to standard JavaEE services, including scheduled jobs, caching, messaging, and services.

Highlights of changes

  • The bundled JRuby version has been updated from 1.7.3 to 1.7.4.

  • A thread-safety issue in our Rails page cache implementation that could cause some web requests to fail under high load has been fixed. This bug only impacts Rails users, and likely only Rails users actually using page caching.

  • A bug where TorqueBox would serve pages out of the page cache for POST requests has been fixed. This only impacts Rails users using page cache where they have both a GET action they want cached and a POST action they don't want cached mapped to the same URL.

  • The performance of message processors in production mode has been increased substantially. We were erroneously reloading the message processor's source from disk on every incoming message in production mode instead of only doing that in development mode.

Reminder about torquebox-server gem

The torquebox-server gem is still too large for the new infrastructure, so torquebox-server users will need to continue using our own gem source at We've greatly reduced the size of this gem for TorqueBox 3 in the hopes of getting it small enough to host on again.

Here's an example Gemfile for Bundler users:

source ''
      source ''
      gem 'torquebox-server', '2.3.2'

Upgrading from 2.3.1

Upgrading from 2.3.1 to 2.3.2 shouldn't require any changes.

Don't be a stranger!

As always, if you have any questions about or issues with TorqueBox, please get in touch.

Issues resolved since 2.3.1

  • [TORQUE-1096] - Update to JRuby 1.7.4
  • [TORQUE-1098] - future.status not available from backgrounded class methods
  • [TORQUE-1099] - Sporadic web request failure under high load for Rails applications
  • [TORQUE-1104] - Typo in capistrano init.d restart task
  • [TORQUE-1105] - Unexpected page caching with POST request
  • [TORQUE-1107] - Message processors always reloading class, even in production mode
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