Red Hat
Oct 18, 2013
by Steven Hawkins
We're well underway with 8.6 development and have posted 8.6 Alpha2 to the downloads.  Feature highlights include:
  • TEIID-2424 Teiid jars are now built also as OSGI bundles. A starter Karaf osgi container features.xml file is available in maven repository with the build
  • TEIID-1311 Cassandra connectivity is now offered through a community contribution by Radek Koubsk√Ĺ of a resource adapter and translator pair. See the reference and admin guides for more.
In addition to also adding support for a generic VALUES statement, there have been over 30 other issues addressed. We will likely continue the theme of being very targeted about feature work - while addressing as many other issues as possible.

There's still plenty of time to get fixes and minor enhancements into the release so feel free to engage the community forums, issue tracker, etc.

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