Red Hat
Mar 26, 2012
by Randall

Just a quick post to announce the availability of Alpha3 of ModeShape 3.0. It’s in the JBoss Maven repository, and ready for you to give it a spin. Alpha3 fixes fixes for several blocker issues and we wanted to release these as soon as possible. We weren’t able to get the AS7 kit working in time, but we’re close. Look for an Alpha4 release very, very soon.

Several things are not yet working:

  • AS7 kits (as mentioned above)
  • Queries that use full-text search criteria don’t work, and neither does the JDBC driver.
  • Shareable nodes don’t work.
  • The RESTful is working outside of AS7, but the WebDAV service isn’t yet.
  • Federation is not yet working; see this discussion for how we want to expand federation capabilities.

If you find any problems, please report them. Please check the known/open issues before logging bugs.

Our next step is to get the AS7 integration working (we know several of you are waiting for this). But we’ve started getting the TCK test working. We’ll also continue to implement the missing and incomplete features. Stay tuned!

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