Red Hat
Jun 3, 2008
by Ron Sigal
JBossRemoting 2.4.0.GA is now available. This is a major incremental release that resolves about 160 JIRA issues, including 76 bug fix issues and 28 feature issues. It is meant to be binary compatible with the previous major release, currently at 2.2.2.SP7, and configurably wire compatible with any release back to 1.4.3.GA.

Among the new features are:

- Support for multihome servers [JBREM-643]
- Safe to run with installed security manager [JBREM-934],[JBREM-977],[JBREM-978],
- Better support for IPv6 addresses [JBREM-864], [JBREM-865]
- Improved connection monitoring [JBREM-888], [JBREM-891]
- Server gets client address in invocations [JBREM-758]
- Support for server configuration by microcontainer injection [JBREM-63]

[The Remoting JIRA page is at]

Support for multihome servers requires an extension of the InvokerLocator syntax. For example,


will create a server bound to and

The jboss-remoting.jar file is available at and the complete distribution zip file is available at .

Feedback is welcome on the Remoting user forum:
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