Red Hat
Apr 11, 2013
by Eric D. Schabell
Step 2: SOA Tools Update Site 
Continuing on the series of how to install and configure your latest JBoss Dev Studio (JBDS) for JBoss BRMS / SOA products, here we provide the latest early release of JBDS version 7. 

The plugin update site for the BRMS and SOA tooling is providing developing components so be aware of that.

Here is how you set it up:

  1. Get the latest JBDS 7 from your local Customer Support Portal (CSP ) or get your evaluation copy .
  2. You are missing the BRMS tooling, so add the JBoss SOA Tools update site via "Help -> Install New Software..."
  3. Step 3: BRMS tooling
  4. Select "BRMS Tooling"
After install you are ready to rock with all the new tooling supporting Rules, Events and
Processes (jBPM).

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