Red Hat
Apr 8, 2013
by Shane K Johnson

Red Hat released JBoss Data Grid 6.1 today, and on Wednesday Manik Surtani and I are delivering a webinar on it. We will briefly introduce JBoss Data Grid and the following new features. We will then cover cross site replication architectures and the rolling upgrade process in detail.

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Wednesday, April 10th, 2013
15:00 UTC / 11:00AM (New York) / 5:00PM (Paris) / 8:30PM (Mumbai)

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Update: Edward J. Correia has published a great article on the JBoss Data Grid 6.1 release with highlights from the webinar as well as feedback from Simon Rice, a database architect with data solutions provider Cintra, who has experience with JBoss Data Grid.

JBoss Data Grid 6.1: High Availability, Faster Recovery (link)

JBoss Data Grid 6.1

Big Data

The distributed task and the map / reduce frameworks are no longer in technology preview. They are supported.

Going Global

JBoss Data Grid now supports cross site replication allowing a data grid in one data center to be synchronized with one or more data grids in other data centers.


JBoss Data Grid now supports rolling upgrades allowing the data grid servers to be updated without updating the data grid clients.

Java EE

JBoss Data Grid now supports CDI allowing the data grid to be configured from and injected into an application.

Rehash, Rehash, Rehash

JBoss Data Grid now supports non-blocking state transfer (NBST) allowing nodes to join and leave without disrupting the data grid.

Technology Preview

Index and query the data grid via Hibernate Search and Lucene.

Access the data grid via a command line interface.

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