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Jul 16, 2013
by Shane K Johnson

I came across a Java EE / Spring Framework post on DZone the other day.

It wasn’t the first, and it won’t be the last.

I want to get in the ring, but first we need some rules.

Rule #6 – Java EE Applications, Not Limited to Java EE

Yes, Java EE is a specification.

However, Java EE applications are no more limited to integrating only with Java EE technologies than they are required to integrate with every Java EE technology.

Java EE applications integrated with Hibernate before JPA.
Java EE applications integrated with Seam before CDI / DI.

Java EE applications can integrate with PicketLink (link) for advanced authentication and authorization with SAML / WS-Trust, XACML, OpenID / OAuth, and social media (e.g. Facebook / Google / Twitter) just as Spring Framework applications can integrate with the Spring Security project.

Java EE applications can integrate with AeroGear (link) to support mobile web and / or hybrid / native applications for Apple iOS and Google Android devices just as Spring Frameworks applications can integrate with the, albeit less capable, Spring Mobile and Spring for Android projects

Java EE applications are Java EE + {technology} applications.

Feel free to suggest a rule via comments or Twitter (@jboss_tm).

Books: Paper or Electronic

Paper. I prefer hard cover. I’m old school like that.

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