Red Hat
Apr 25, 2013
by Brett Meyer

Hibernate ORM 4.2.1.Final and 4.1.12.Final were just released. The full changelogs can be viewed here: 4.2.1.Final and 4.1.12.Final

Originally, 4.1.11 was slated to be the final release of 4.1.x. However, in HHH-8149, we reverted HHH-7797 for 4.1 (changed unique columns, keys, and constraints). The change had snowballed into numerous issues and, in hindsight, shouldn't have been made in 4.1.x to begin with. To clean things up, it was decided to release 4.1.12.

4.2.1 includes several notable changes:

  • HHH-8175 Official support for Postgresql 9.2, Postgres Plus 9.2, and IBM DB2 10.1. Luckily, these mostly worked out-of-the-box with our existing dialects. Only a few test changes were necessary.
  • As mentioned above, HHH-7797 (release 4.2.0) changed the way uniqueness is handled. Rather than mixing unique on column definitions, unique(columns...) on table definitions, unique indexes, and unique constraints, all were changed to solely use unique constraints (DB2 is the exception -- indexes are use in certain circumstances). The issues mentioned were corrected in this release: HHH-8092, HHH-8162, and HHH-8178.
  • More details about HHH-8162: Since unique constraints are now the default, special handling was necessary within SchemaUpdate. The method used is configurable, selected with the hibernate.schema_update.unique_constraint_strategy property. DROP_RECREATE_QUIETLY is the default. It attempts to drop, then (re-)create each unique constraint within your model. All errors and exceptions (constraint doesn't exist, constraint already existed, etc.) are ignored. RECREATE_QUIETLY is the same, but does not attempt the drop. SKIP will not attempt to drop or create unique constraints at all on the SchemaUpdate.
  • HHH-1904 In order to ensure that Hibernate does not generate foreign key and unique key names that are too long for certain dialects (ie, Oracle), the generation now uses random characters < 30 characters in length. Of course, this does not affect keys explicitly named in your mappings.
  • HHH-7617 Support for generating Eclipse IDE projects was improved. Please see this post for more info.
  • Our ClassLoader concepts for OSGi support were greatly improved by HHH-8096. In addition, HHH-7993 supports basic Bundle scanning to automatically discover entities and mappings in your persistence unit bundle.
  • HHH-7714 added support for EntityMode.MAP in the JPA Criteria API.
  • HHH-8183 supports synonyms in schema validation. Enable the capability with the hibernate.synonyms=true property (disabled by default).
  • HHH-8203 ensures support of Proxool 0.9.1.

JBoss Nexus:
Maven Central: (should update in a couple of days)
Downloads: 4.2.1.Final ZIP, 4.2.1.Final TGZ, 4.1.12.Final ZIP, 4.1.12.Final TGZ

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