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Jan 16, 2013
by Eric D. Schabell
GUEST BLOG by  Aileen Cunningham

Last year just before the Christmas holidays we released  Fuse ESB Enterprise 7.1 . There have been quite a few changes since the 7.0.2 release we did; in fact, over 2000 tickets were resolved! I'm doing a webinar next week to cover some of the new user facing changes:

January 17 @ 10:00AM EST -  Getting Started with Fuse ESB Enterprise 7.1

Some highlights of the changes include:

- New versions of Apache Camel, CXF, ActiveMQ, Aries and Karaf

- Java 7 support (just in time for the Java 6 EOL ;) )

- Security overhaul in  Fabric

I'll have a live demonstration as well of course showing you how to code with  Fuse IDE  and deploy your app to the ESB.

Hope to see you there!
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