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May 14, 2013
by Forge Team

JBoss Forge 1.3.0.Final is now available for download !

It is with great pleasure that we announce that JBoss Forge 1.3.0.Final is now available. Why the minor update ? Check it out.

New and Noteworthy

  • Scaffold-x plugin: We have taken the Scaffold plugin to another level. This plugin was designed from ground up for better flexibility and performance.

scaffold-x from

  • Maven Mirrors are now fully supported: Now you can add your mirrors in your maven settings.xml file and Forge will use that to resolve the necessary artifacts.
  • Proxy is globally enabled: Do you use proxies ? Well, fear no more, as now Forge will correctly use your proxy settings when resolving external artifacts
  • EAR Support:: Now you can create EAR projects easily as:

new-project --type ear

  • Wildfly support: That’s right ! Now you can choose WildFly, one of the best AS in the planet in the list of supported JPA Containers, as in:

persistence setup --provider HIBERNATE --container WILDFLY

And much more, check out the release notes below and see why Forge IS the best JavaEE development tool

Release Notes


  • [FORGE-572] – Forge scaffold faces creates view beans with Id always Long against user-generated Entities
  • [FORGE-698] – Forge must try to box identifiers when they are primitives
  • [FORGE-858] – Forge can't find dependencies from Maven Central if there is an active profile with repository setup in settings.xml
  • [FORGE-863] – Maven mirror settings not used within forge
  • [FORGE-866] – Forge cannot handle 'p2' repository layout in settings.xml
  • [FORGE-870] – Faces scaffold does not generate form fields for @Id fields not annotated with @GeneratedValue
  • [FORGE-871] – Faces scaffold generates incorrect initializers for OneToOne fields with property based accessors
  • [FORGE-872] – Faces scaffold generates incorrect EL expressions for expansions of @Embedded entities and 1:1 relationships
  • [FORGE-874] – Proxy settings not used for maven web project
  • [FORGE-880] – Running 'persistence setup' adds an non-versioned dependency
  • [FORGE-881] – ScopedConfigurationAdapter throws IllegalStateException but API defines IllegalArgumentException should be thrown
  • [FORGE-884] – EntityWidgetBuilderTest is failing
  • [FORGE-887] – project add-dependency lists SNAPSHOT dependencies
  • [FORGE-888] – toString() is not rewritten when a field is removed using the RmPlugin
  • [FORGE-892] – Forge fails to load javax.xml classes
  • [FORGE-895] – Shell crops Strings with UTF-8 charaters
  • [FORGE-901] – Error while running persistence setup when current persistence.xml is deleted
  • [FORGE-902] – RmPlugin should not prompt for non-existing resources
  • [FORGE-903] – RestFacet is not properly installed


  • [FORGE-360] – FacesPlugin should automatically add the faces mapping if the servlet version < 3
  • [FORGE-794] – Refactor PropertyCompleter from Java EE Impl to Forge Core
  • [FORGE-864] – —type ear support for new-project
  • [FORGE-865] – Extend the maven plugin with a set-name command
  • [FORGE-867] – Faces scaffold reformats the source code of JPA entities with no changes

Feature Request

  • [FORGE-815] – Add support to the field plugin for specifying CascadeTypes
  • [FORGE-857] – Forge 1 Configuration Folder should be configurable
  • [FORGE-862] – Implement MavenPluginInstaller: responsible for installing a given plugin into the current project
  • [FORGE-879] – pass an unitname to the EntityManager in the REST plugin
  • [FORGE-890] – Design and implement the next-generation Forge scaffold plugin
  • [FORGE-900] – Add Wildfly as a persistence container

Grab it while is hot and amaze everyone with this new version!

Happy Forging and we welcome your feedback!

-The Forge Team

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