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Feb 14, 2013
by Forge Team

JBoss Forge 1.2.1.Final is now available for download !

Release Notes


  • [FORGE-745] – Can not use Java Parser in war deployment on AS7
  • [FORGE-751] – MavenDependencyFacet cause ConcurrentModificationException
  • [FORGE-752] – Analytics should not be enabled by default
  • [FORGE-763] – ShellImpl "noInitMode" concept mismanages completers
  • [FORGE-767] – JavaPlugin: Annotations and enums with no packages are created under the "null" package
  • [FORGE-774] – Have been using Forge for months. My machine crashed, I re-installed Forge and got error on new-project command. Error was not useful.
  • [FORGE-780] – `forge install-plugin` from central repository fails when plugin name collides with tags in other entries

Component Upgrade

  • [FORGE-718] – Ensure that the Java Parser can parse and is updated for Java 7 support


  • [FORGE-150] – Implementations of JavaParser Interfaces should maintain equality with other implementations
  • [FORGE-564] – Allow multiple @Alias for a plugin
  • [FORGE-753] – Generate Atom feed for the Website for JBoss Weekly Editorial
  • [FORGE-768] – JavaPlugin: add —named parameter for new-class, new-interface, new-annotation and new-enum

Feature Request

  • [FORGE-744] – BeansPlugin: add new-stereotype command
  • [FORGE-760] – When generating new member variables it would be nice if the toString method updated include the member variable name.
  • [FORGE-762] – enable completion for labeled choice selections
  • [FORGE-764] – multi-select ShellPrompt API
  • [FORGE-765] – JavaPlugin new-annotation-type: multi-select @Target ElementTypes
  • [FORGE-772] – BeansPlugin += new-scope command

Grab it while is hot and amaze everyone with this new version!

You can also automatically update your current forge installation by typing the following command inside a Forge console:

forge update

Happy Forging and we welcome your feedback!

-The Forge Team

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