Red Hat
Aug 23, 2012
by Marc Savy

We're happy to announce the long-awaited BoxGrinder Build 0.10.3 release. Yet again it is primarily bug fixes, but we have resolved some tricky upstream issues to eliminate some of the most annoying persistent issues.

Large numbers of partitions

It is now possible to successfully create appliances with large numbers of partitions, whereas this generally failed when more than 4 or 5 partitions were specified previously. Furthermore, there should be fewer issues with the build process being interrupted by loop device symlinks left hanging around.

Cross-arch building of RHEL and derivatives

On newer versions of Fedora cross-arch builds no longer completed successfully (i.e. setarch i686 boxgrinder-build ...); this has now been fixed upstream, and should work without issue.

Additionally, a separate issue on Fedora 17 has been resolved where our qemu wrapper did not find a valid binary.

Found a bug?

If you have any issues, please open a ticket in our bug-tracker.

Release notes


  • [BGBUILD-339] - existing rpm package with the name containing '+' considered as an invalid name
  • [BGBUILD-358] - Unable to cross-arch build appliance for CentOS 5
  • [BGBUILD-359] - Unable to create more that 2 partitions in Centos EBS-EC2.
  • [BGBUILD-367] - Build fails with default_repos disabled on centos 5
  • [BGBUILD-368] - /usr/bin/qemu: No such file or directory on Fedora 17 32-bit
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