Red Hat
Nov 21, 2012
by Mircea Markus
This year - as always - Devoxx was a great conference! Not only the quality of the presentation (including quite some delivered by my fellows from Red Hat)  but also the chance to meet and discuss with industry experts. And the Hackergarten  was one of the this great networking places.

We had a long chat with Marius Bogoevici  on a nice extension of the Ticket Monster  Tutorial for Infinispan, so that users looking for an sample integration application would have a good starting point. Also Duncan Doyle   contributed a nice demo of the cross-site replication functionality added in Infinispan 5.2 and Guillaume Scheibel  implemented a Mongo DB cache store extension : awesome stuff!

All in all great conference and very good chance for us to get in touch with our community!



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