Red Hat
Dec 5, 2012
by Lincoln Baxter III

If you’ve ever looked for social-style date formatting for Java, to create timestamps like, “2 minutes from now” or “3 months ago,” PrettyTime is probably the tool you’ve ended up with, and as you might know, it supports over 25 languages and dialects – a great number to be sure. But what happens when you come across one of the over 4500 living languages that are not supported?

Well, then it’s time to do some translation, and in order to help you manage this task, we’ve created a guide to help you get through as quickly and easily as possible. When you’re done, you might even want to submit your translation back to us so that everyone else can benefit from your hard work. The guide covers this, too. It takes only a minute or so to read the guide and get started! Let us know how you do.

Lincoln Baxter, III

About the author:

Lincoln Baxter, III is a Senior Software Engineer at Red Hat , working on JBoss open-source projects; most notably as project lead for JBoss Forge . This blog represents his personal thoughts and perspectives, not necessarily those of his employer.

He is a founder of OCPsoft , the author of PrettyFaces and Rewrite , the leading URL-rewriting extensions for Servlet, Java EE, and Java web frameworks; he is also the author of PrettyTime , social-style date and timestamp formatting for Java. When he is not swimming, running, or playing Ultimate Frisbee, Lincoln is focused on promoting open-source software and making web-applications more accessible for small businesses, individuals.

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