Red Hat
Jul 4, 2013
by Lincoln Baxter III

For those of you who have not seen the Visual Regex Tester yet, this video should be informative, and for those of you who have, make sure to check out the new reverse-syntax highlighting features that I’ve recently added. My goal is to make this tester as useful and fun as possible; it should be a regular stable of regular expression development .

Lincoln Baxter, III

About the author:

Lincoln Baxter, III is a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat , working on JBoss open-source projects; most notably as creator & project lead of JBoss Forge , and author of Errai UI . This blog represents his personal thoughts and perspectives, not necessarily those of his employer.

He is a founder of OCPsoft , the author of PrettyFaces and Rewrite , the leading URL-rewriting extensions for Servlet, Java EE, and Java web frameworks; he is also the author of PrettyTime , social-style date and timestamp formatting for Java. When he is not swimming, running, or playing Ultimate Frisbee, Lincoln is focused on promoting open-source software and making web-applications more accessible for small businesses, individuals.

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