Red Hat
Dec 2, 2013
by matthiaswessendorf

I am happy to announce that we have a new release of the AeroGear UnifiedPush Server!

This release contains again a some API changes. The most important one is a true unification of our supported client platforms. Before this release the SimplePush clients were a bit different, as explained in the referenced thread. Another API change is that we now allow the registered devices/clients to be tagged in multiple categories, e.g. based on app user interest. The two changes now lead to a very lean API for sending Push Notifications to Android, iOS and SimplePush client devices:

curl -3 -u "{PushApplicationID}:{MasterSecret}"
   -v -H "Accept: application/json" -H "Content-type: application/json" 
   -X POST
   -d '{
       "categories" : ["Football", "BVB", "UEFA ChampionsLeague"],
       "message": {
         "alert":"Goal by Marco Reus!",
       "simple-push": "version=someVersionNumberString"


Of course the different client SDKs support the above API changes on the server 

Based on community feedback we also added a notification handler to the Java Client, which can be used in your Java (backend) application to post notification request against the AeroGear UnifiedPush Server. The callback looks like:

aerogearPushClient.send(push-message, new MessageResponseCallback() {

  public void onComplete(int statusCode) {
    // your logic goes here

  public void onError(Throwable throwable) {
    // handle error

The umbrella PushApplications and their logical variants are protected by a Key and a secret. For the secret we now allow the user to reset it, using our Admin UI:

AeroGear Admin UI

Besides that we had several improvements (HSTS, Mysql CLI or AdminUI tweaks) and enhancements (e.g. Time-to-live for Android and iOS notifications) and new examples like geolocation support with Hibernate Search.

Now, you can download the WAR file and give it a shot!

Have fun! Matthias

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