Red Hat
Jun 24, 2013
by kborchers

The latest minor release of AeroGear.js is out. This release contains the new Notifier plugin with adapters for communicating with both STOMP over websocket and vert.x based messaging services as well as a number of bug fixes. For a complete list of bug fixes and changes see the changelog and list of resolved issues below or just go grab the latest version and try it out!


  • Bump version to 1.1.0
  • Update jQuery dependency to 1.10.x
  • README: Add Notifier entry and list of dependencies and links for all plugins
  • Build: Add notifier unit tests to build
  • Tests: Add very basic unit tests for Notifier. Real functionality will be tested with integration tests
  • fix grammar
  • Notifier vertx – inline example updates
  • Notifier stompws – inline examples added
  • Notifier vertx: examples added
  • Notifier core: examples added
  • Notifier stompws – remove unneeded onDisconnect
  • Tests: Update to latest version of jQuery
  • use local vars instead of privleged methods
  • Notifier vertx – remove unneeded methods
  • Notifier stompws: add autoconnect
  • Notifier vertx: remove removeAllChannels and call unsubscribe
  • update comment
  • Adding comment to code
  • Notifier stompws: copy channel first
  • Notifier stompws: make connect options an object if it isn’t
  • Notifier stompws: remove unneeded privleged methods
  • Notifier vertx: remove unneeded privleged methods
  • Stomp Adapter: remove sockjs references
  • Merge branch ‘master’ into Notifier-adapters
  • Pipeline:Rest – Add ability to set contentType and dataType during pipe creation. Fixes AGJS-31
  • Update to latest version of mockjax for testing
  • Notifier:stompws – Use straight WebSockets for now
  • Notifier:stompws – First draft of stomp websocket adapter for Notifier
  • Merge branch master into Notifier
  • Updated dist files
  • Notifier:vertx – Add getChannelIndex method to allow checking for existence of a subscription
  • Notifier:vertx – Change default value for autoConnect to false unless channels exist at creation
  • Notifier:vertx – Initial implementation of subscribe, unsubscribe and disconnect
  • Update .jshintrc to add vertx to globals
  • Notifier:vertx – Fix scope issues and error callback name
  • Notifier:vertx – First pass at Notifier with vertx adapter

Resolved JIRA Issues – AGJS

  • AGJS-3
  • AGJS-27
  • AGJS-28
  • AGJS-33
  • AGJS-34
  • AGJS-35
  • AGJS-37
  • AGJS-38
  • AGJS-39
  • AGJS-43
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