Red Hat
Jun 3, 2013
by kborchers

The latest maintenance release of AeroGear.js is out. This release contains a number of bug fixes, a fix for the generated source map, Travis CI integration and more. For a complete list of bug fixes and changes see the changelog and list of resolved issues below or just go grab the latest version and try it out!

Changelog -…819af95

  • Add link to JS landing page to the README
  • Update package.json version to 1.0.1
  • Auth:Rest and Pipeline:Rest – Remove Auth-Token. Fixes AGJS-26
  • Pipeline:Tests – Remove stray settings that no longer exist. Fixes AGJS-25
  • Add missing source map options for custom builds and replace banner option with preserveComments to fix broken source maps. Fixes AEROGEAR-805
  • web storage adapter checks for null. AEROGEAR-1076
  • fixing travis links
  • Merge branch ‘travis’
  • add irc notifications
  • Add Travis CI integration
  • Update to latest grunt and grunt-contrib dev dependencies

Resolved JIRA Issues – AEROGEAR / AGJS

  • AEROGEAR-805
  • AEROGEAR-989
  • AEROGEAR-1076
  • AEROGEAR-1080
  • AEROGEAR-1126
  • AEROGEAR-1128
  • AEROGEAR-1143
  • AEROGEAR-1219
  • AGJS-1
  • AGJS-22
  • AGJS-24
  • AGJS-25
  • AGJS-26
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